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WASBA New Beekeepers Class

Over the five weeks we will look at :

Chapter 1 – Bee Hives, Protective Clothing, Tools, Site Location, Journal – The types of hives and Beekeeping equipment.

Chapter 2 – Honey Bees – The breeds, classes and ways bees are delivered.

Chapter 3 – Supplemental Feed – The different types of feeders and feeds.

Chapter 4 – Installing a Package – How to install a package of bees.

Chapter 5 – Monitoring the Hive –  How, when and what to look for when inspecting the hive.

Chapter 6 – Swarms – Why bees swarms and ways to deal with swarming.

Chapter 7 – The Honey Flow – The honey bees as they bring in the nectar flow and the Beekeepers responsibility there in.

Chapter 8 – Honey –  Ways to produce, extract and harvest honey while maintaining enough honey for the bees to overwinter.

Chapter 9 – Preparing for Overwintering – The process of preparing, treating  and getting hives through the winter.

Chapter 10 – Pests and Diseases  –  The most common and destructive pest affecting the honey bees today.

If you are interested in attending this class please email us at This class is on a first come first serve basis at a cost of $40.00 a person.  Participants who complete this course and receive the WASBA New Beekeeper .Certificate. If you are interested please email:

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