Are you saving your beeswax

Are you saving your beeswax?    When you are inspecting your hive, you will find that the bees fill every space with wax; this is not always a good thing because it can make it difficult for us to get the … Read More

Hive Inspections

    How to do a Hive Inspection.   Within the past couple of weeks I have had a few people mention that their bees were aggressive and then became calm. Well, you’re listening to a man who has a wife and three … Read More

Pacific Northwest Forage List

Pacific Northwest Forage List FebruaryWinter HeatherPierisMarchMaplesOregon GrapeIndian PlumEarliest Asian PlumsWillowChickweedHazelnutAprilOverwintering BrassicasFlowering CurrantMaplesPacific DogwoodPeachesCrab AppleApplePearCherryPlumsRosemaryDandelionMayMustardServiceberryThymeStrawberryRaspberryBlackberryBlueberryCloverChivesJuneMock OrangeHuckleberryMintAngelicaHyssopHoneysuckleCloverBorageCalendulaJulyCucumberSummer SquashWinter SquashOreganoMintsLavenderBuckwheatBorageRussian SageAugustLemon BalmBasilCloverAnise HyssopEchinaceaBee BalmSalviaShasta DaisiesRudbekiaSeptemberSun FlowerJoe Pye WeedLobeliaOctoberArtichokeYarrow 

Choosing the Right Bees.

Choosing the Right Bees.    The honey bee is by far the most interesting and important insect known to man. They are different from other stinging insects like the wasp, hornet, yellow jacket and even the bumble bee. The honey bee … Read More

What do I do now?

What do I do now?  Spring is near, you purchased your bees and the weather is really starting to get nice. What do you do next? If you are really serious about beekeeping there are a few things that I would … Read More

How to Install a nuc.

 How to install a nuc 1. After picking up your nuc, please do not leave it shut up in your vehicle as your bees will over heat and die.If you are traveling for a long distance, ensure that your nuc has … Read More

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