Mite News

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Latest updates on Varroa Mites As beekeepers we are facing a challenge like never before. Yet, all is not lost there are many people trying to find a way to rid our hives of these destructors. I hope this Video gives you a little more … Read More

How to Treat for Nosema

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How to Treat for Nosema    To treat for Nosema, you can treat with Essential oils or Fumagilan-B. I showed both options because while Essential oils is all natural and is a preventative, Fumagilan-B is known to prevent and treat Nosema effectively. … Read More

Feeding Bees

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Feeding Bees   By now you must of heard that you need to feed, feed, feed a million times and if not you need to feed, feed, feed; whether you are receiving a NUC or Package of bees it critical that … Read More

Choosing the Right Bees.

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Choosing the Right Bees.    The honey bee is by far the most interesting and important insect known to man. They are different from other stinging insects like the wasp, hornet, yellow jacket and even the bumble bee. The honey bee … Read More

What do I do now?

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What do I do now?  Spring is near, you purchased your bees and the weather is really starting to get nice. What do you do next? If you are really serious about beekeeping there are a few things that I would … Read More