Chapter 5 Monitoring the Hive

WASBA Beginning Beekeeping Certification

This chapter includes what to look for on the outside of the hive, what to look for inside the hive; when to look inside the hive, and when to add more space.

Please read chapter 5 as well as review the video or other material for this chapter. Please fill free to leave comments or ask questions. The test will be posted Saturday, June 13.

Test Open on Saturday June 13th

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  1. Robert Ash
    | Reply

    Please check my answers to questions 2 and 10 on test 5.

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      This test is word sensitive and require the exact working. We will go through each question and give you credit for those answers.

    | Reply

    I do not understand why I missed questions 2 and 10 in chapter 5. Answers taken directly from the book, with correct spellings.

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      Those are correct. Written responses are needing our review. If there is any issue then we will email you.

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