Chapter 6: Swarms

WASBA Beginning Beekeeping Certification

This chapter discusses the conditions leading to a swarm and what to do to catch a swarm. Introduction: A swarm is a group of bees that leaves the hive with the original queen to start a new colony. It is the honey bee’s natural method of reproduction. Most people are amazed when they see and hear a swarm, and most beekeepers are very happy to catch a swarm and sad to see one leave their apiary.

Please read chapter 6 as well as review the video or other material for this chapter. Please fill free to leave comments or ask questions. The test will be posted Saturday June 13th.

Test Open on Saturday June 13th

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  1. Robert Earl Ash Jr.
    | Reply

    Please check my answer to question one on Chapter 6

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      Please remember that fill in answers may need reviewed with this online testing. If there is a issue, we will email you to retake the test.

  2. Heath McMillian
    | Reply

    Thank you for checking our answers. It can be frustrating to know you are correct but the test marks it wrong.

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      That is why we sent the email that lets you know that written answers will need reviewed. If there are any issues, we will let you know.

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