Chapter 7 – Honey Flow

WASBA Beginning Beekeeping Certification

This chapter covers the topic of honey flow and discusses food sources that are needed for the bees during their foraging season. Beekeepers often ask, “How do I know when the honey flow is on?” and more often ask, “How do I know when it stops?” Another topic that your local bee association and experienced beekeepers in your area will be able to advise you is knowing what flowers bloom in your area, when, and how much nectar they provide. Today we will address both of these concerns.

Please read chapter 7 as well as review the video or other material for this chapter. The second and third videos are not testable, just for your knowledge. Please fill free to leave comments or ask questions. The test will be posted Saturday the June 20th.

Test Open on Saturday June 20th

6 Responses

  1. Robert Earl Ash Jr.
    | Reply

    Please review my answer to question one, Chapter 7

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      Please remember that fill in answers may need reviewed with this online testing. If there is a issue, we will email you to retake the test.

    | Reply

    Once again, I am taking written answers, word for word from the book and being told that I am incorrect. I do not understand. Question #1 on this test:
    What is “Honey Flow?”. Book, the time when flowers are producing the most nectar.

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      That is correct, we will review written answers and if there is an issue we will let you know.

  3. FloydMullen
    | Reply

    can you check test 7,question 1&5. #5 said summer months and from my experience they only bloom at the end of summer. thank you

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