Chapter 8 Honey

WASBA Beginning Beekeeping Certification

This chapter discusses how much honey a typical colony needs for itself to provide for a successful overwintering and how to decide if there is a surplus for the beekeeper to harvest.

Please read chapter 8 as well as review the video or other material for this chapter. Please fill free to leave comments or ask questions. The test will be posted Saturday the June 20th.

Test Open on Saturday June 20th

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  1. Nathan
    | Reply

    What is a good place to obtain the hand cranked extractor? Which manufacturer would you recommned?

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      While a hand crank extractor is good for starting you will soon regret that you didn’t purchase a motorized one. I recommend Maxant because they are American made and very good. We’ had ours for 8 years and we use it hard with no problems. The advantage with a motorized Maxant is it holds it’s value if you want to sell it.

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