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WASBA New Beekeepers Class

Over the five weeks we will look at :

Chapter 1 – Bee Hives, Protective Clothing, Tools, Site Location, Journal – The types of hives and Beekeeping equipment.

Chapter 2 – Honey Bees – The breeds, classes and ways bees are delivered.

Chapter 3 – Supplemental Feed – The different types of feeders and feeds.

Chapter 4 – Installing a Package – How to install a package of bees.

Chapter 5 – Monitoring the Hive –  How, when and what to look for when inspecting the hive.

Chapter 6 – Swarms – Why bees swarms and ways to deal with swarming.

Chapter 7 – The Honey Flow – The honey bees as they bring in the nectar flow and the Beekeepers responsibility there in.

Chapter 8 – Honey –  Ways to produce, extract and harvest honey while maintaining enough honey for the bees to overwinter.

Chapter 9 – Preparing for Overwintering – The process of preparing, treating  and getting hives through the winter.

Chapter 10 – Pests and Diseases  –  The most common and destructive pest affecting the honey bees today.

If you are interested in attending this class please email us at This class is on a first come first serve basis at a cost of $40.00 a person.  Participants who complete this course and receive the WASBA New Beekeeper .Certificate. If you are interested please email:

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20 Responses

  1. Rosalinde Willson
    | Reply

    Haven’t kept bees in 30 yrs and times have changed, so, am seeking a bee keeping class, will you be hosting one this winter?

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      We usually suggest to look into your local beekeeping association for classes. We will do hands on workshops in the spring and summer. I have added you to our newsletter that will have workshop information once we schedule them. Just email us when the workshop is scheduled to reserve a spot.

  2. Michelle Carson
    | Reply

    Looking to attend a class

  3. Willow Martin
    | Reply

    I am excited to learn this stuff ..cant wait thank you for doing this class

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      We are looking forward to having you.

    • Leah Stout
      | Reply

      Would love to attend the class.

  4. Jan Diemart
    | Reply

    I would love to attend your class, I have absolutely no experience in bee keeping, just semi-retired. I have questions, so many questions!

  5. Daniel Atkinson
    | Reply


    I was recently gifted some hives and will be cleaning them up this weekend. I would like to know when your next class is. If I’m not too late, I would also like to be added to your waiting list for bees as well.

  6. Bobbye Choate
    | Reply

    I would like to attend your course, very new to beekeeping.

  7. Patti & Roger White
    | Reply

    We just acquired two used hives and have been busy cleaning them up. We are not sure what all we need new and what we can reuse, but we want to go about it correctly and as naturally as possible. Have been interested in bees for years, but haven’t made the plunge till now. Need all the help and info we can get. We have heard positive reports of your bees and practices and would be interested in any classes and advice you can offer us.

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      We sent you an email on our upcoming class.

  8. Clark
    | Reply

    Wondering when the next class will be any info would be great thanks

  9. Mike Ferguson
    | Reply

    Hi Alan, Ready to sign up for classes. We are ordering 2 newbee starter kits if still available. Hoping we can get some training. What else do I need to order.

  10. Jason
    | Reply

    Hello… I noticed your “class schedule” and I find that interesting. I also noticed it’s for 5 weeks. Are there certain times of day, class times, etc that you could share? I’m asking to see ‘if’ taking the class is feasible, despite being interested. Thanks!

    • Alan Woods
      | Reply

      Our classes are currently online due to COVID. The course is self paced with reading materials and powerpoint presentations during the week. On Saturday there is an optional zoom meeting to go over the material and ask questions. Following the zoom meeting the test will be opened to take any time between Saturday and Monday. This is a nice option since it can be done at any time and work around any schedule compared to the in class version. We will be starting another Beginning Beekeeper class early Spring. Give us a call or email if you are interested.

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