Woods Bee Co. is offering a starter kit for those of you who have always wanted to keep bees but aren’t sure. The Starter Kit comes with single hive box and bees. While we are still offering the NEWBEE Special, this is a Starter Kit is made up of one brood box with 10 deep frames (including the NUC), a Telescopic cover, inner cover, bottom board, and an entrance reduces. Yes, you get the hive and the bees. You can schedule pick up time to get the beehive after purchase, but the five frame NUC will be ready spring 2019.

   We also have five frames NUC’s for sale, sold separately for $150.00.

  If you have ever wanted to keep bees or are looking for that awesome gift, this is the affordable alternative. Order early as we will deliver the bees in the order that we receive.

2019 NUC’s
2019 NUC’s

How To Order

Pay $150.00 in full and reserve a 2019 NUC. We will contact you shortly after receiving your payment to confirm the receipt of your order.

Receive a discount of $10 off each NUC for purchases of 10 or more or when ordered through your local Bee Association.

Picking Up your NUCs

We will contact you again to finalize the pickup details. Our pickup dates will be in April or May 2019 weather depended. For all pickups we recommend coming either early morning or late evening to pick up the NUCs. If you are not able to come at these times, please let us know ahead of time so we can make other arrangements. We will have two pick up locations this year; one in Centralia and the other in Tacoma, WA.



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