2020 Hawaiian Carnica Queens

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Carnica bees are well know for their ability to winter well in colder climates while building quickly in the spring. This Queens without doubt produces some of the gentlest and hardest working bees around. While other bees remain in the hive during milder conditions, her bees continue to forage bring in a larger pollen and nectar flow vital to the hives survival.

You might know a little about your Queen, but do you trust her to take your hive through the winter. If not, now is the time to Re-Queen with this beautiful dark prolific Queen made for this environment.

These Queens are available now, however please keep in mind that we only have a limited number in stock. We will contact you to set up pick up once ordered.

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Available April 10th.

2 reviews for 2020 Hawaiian Carnica Queens

  1. Walter A Wilson

    Queen was accepted quickly and is busy laying! She was put in a Queen less hive.

  2. Noe Aguiniga

    I bought three Hawaiian queens from Alan two did great but one has struggled the hive was weak already and no nectar available, this summer here in Auburn we had a four month dry spell, not the Queen fault, queens don’t pay much unless they have pollen and honey stores.

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