2023 Hawaiian Carnica Queens

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Carnica bees are well known for their ability to winter well in colder climates while building quickly in the spring. This Queens without a doubt produces some of the gentlest and hardest working bees around. While other bees remain in the hive during milder conditions, her bees continue to forage bring in a larger pollen and nectar flow vital to the survival of the hive.

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2 reviews for 2023 Hawaiian Carnica Queens

  1. Walter A Wilson

    Queen was accepted quickly and is busy laying! She was put in a Queen less hive.

  2. Noe Aguiniga

    I bought three Hawaiian queens from Alan two did great but one has struggled the hive was weak already and no nectar available, this summer here in Auburn we had a four month dry spell, not the Queen fault, queens don’t pay much unless they have pollen and honey stores.

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