How to Treat for Nosema

How to Treat for Nosema

   To treat for Nosema, you can treat with Essential oils or Fumagilan-B. I showed both options because while Essential oils is all natural and is a preventative, Fumagilan-B is known to prevent and treat Nosema effectively. Each beekeeper must choose for themselves which direction they will go. Personally, I have no problem using either, although I lean more toward the Fumagilin-B because of past history. Either way, I will show you how to use both.

   When treating with Essential oils make sure that the oils are all natural. You will need the following to treat for Nosema:

Lemon Grass Oil – 2 to 3 drops
Honey – ½ a cup (optional)
Tea Tree Oil – 2 Teaspoon
Winter Green Oil – 1 Teaspoon
Water – 5 Cups

To mix the Essential oils treatment pour one cup of water into a blender
Add the Essential oils
*Note if you are going to use honey, slightly warm it up and add it to the mixture.
Blend for about five minutes and add the remaining water (this is the base).
To treat, you will add a cup of the base to a gallon of syrup and shake to mix (one to one mix).
Feed using the normal method that you normally feed. This mixture can be stored and used within six months.

  When using Fumagilan-B, you will do the following to treat for Nosema:

Syrup – 1 Gallon (one to one)
Fumagilan-B – 5 grams
1 Gallon Sprayer

Take one cup of syrup from the 1 gallon and add 5 grams Fumagilan-B and stir until completely dissolved.
Pour the cup of syrup back into the remaining syrup.
Pour the mixture into the Gallon Sprayer and spray about a third on the bees (note, do not consentrate in a single area).
This form of treatment is highly effective because the bees will then clean each other and the hive.
This mixture is enough to treat three hives effectivley.

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