Woods Bee Co. is a family owned and operated Beekeeping Supply Company that understands the importance of the honey bees. We are committed as a family to serving our community by providing others with the opportunity to keep bees at an affordable cost. Alan is a Master Beekeeper that has years of experience in keeping bees in the Pacific Northwest. Even though we are a Beekeeping Supply Company our primary goal is to help the bees and the beekeeper. Therefore we will never try to sell you what you don’t need.

We started Woods Bee Co. so that others could keep bees at an affordable price, thus helping the declining honey bee population. We started with two hives; we now have many colonies of bees in three different locations. We enjoy assisting and mentoring beekeepers in our community. We desire to see new beekeepers become educated and helping other beekeepers in to become educated as well; our goal is to be a part of that process.

Because Woods Bee Co. is a home business and does not have a high overhead we can offer you quality beekeeping products and services at a significantly lower price. We offer honey extracting services in our mobile extracting unit for those who need a place to extract their honey for a minimal price. We also provide a local onsite bee consultation for the price of gas and a cup of coffee. Other services vary according to the need of the beekeeper so whether you need beekeeping equipment, advise or just someone to talk to Woods Bee Co. is here for you.