Available April 15, 2023

2024 Hawaiian Carnica Queen

Carniolans bees are well known for their ability to winter well in colder climates while building quickly in the spring. This Queens without a doubt produces some of the gentlest and hardest working bees around. While other bees remain in the hive during milder conditions, her bees continue to forage bring in a larger pollen and nectar flow vital to the survival of the hive.

We have a limited number of Hawaiian Carniolan Queen. Although these Queens are bred in Hawaii they are taken from Latshaw Apiaries. The Carniolans are excellent honey producers in areas that have early honey flow and build up very quickly. So if you are planning on splitting, requeening, or just getting ready for the spring these Queens are right for your hive. These Ladies will be available for pickup only on 4 April 2024

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