Queen Spotting

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Author: Hilary Kearney
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (April 30, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1635860377
ISBN-13: 978-1635860375


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QueenSpotting: Meet the Remarkable Queen Bee and Discover the Drama at the Heart of the Hive; Includes 48 Queenspotting Challenges Hardcover – April 30, 2019

At the heart of every bee hive is a queen bee. Since her well-being is linked to the well-being of the entire colony, the ability to find her among the residents of the hive is an essential beekeeping skill. In QueenSpotting, experienced beekeeper and professional “swarm catcher” Hilary Kearney challenges readers to “spot the queen” with 48 fold-out visual puzzles — vivid up-close photos of the queen hidden among her many subjects.

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