The NEWBEE Special is a great hive for a new beekeeper. The NEWBEE Special includes the entire beehive with bees for the awesome price of $435.00 plus tax. It comes with 2 deeps, 15 deep frames including the five from the NUC, A Super with ten frames, a bottom board, a telescopic top with inner cover.
  This offer is a limited in store (local pickup) offer only to the first 75 customers. You must purchase both the NUC and the Hive to receive it at the reduced price.
  After purchasing this special, you can pick the hive up right away, but the bees will arrive in the spring with our regular nuc delivery.
   This year the NUCs will be delivered in the newly designed Pro NUC reusable plastic NUC boxes. While these NUC boxes are normally $17.95 we will be a $10 store credit deposit for each box. These boxes can be used for many different purposes and are a great value for those who wish to keep them.                                               
  If you really want to get a jump start on the season, we are offering a twenty frame hive instead of a five frame NUC for $350.00. 

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