Amino-B Booster
Amino-B Booster


  • AMINO-B BOOSTER® is a liquid protein that provides vital amino-acids! It is essential for bee longevity & BROOD PRODUCTION. It helps fortify overwintered pollen. Use for early spring feeding to build up brood for pollination and to maximize production. Use to rapidly build up packages, nucs, and swarms. Use for feeding bees during times of colony dwindling, late winter, mid-summer, dearths of nectar and pollen or droughts.
  • AMINO-B BOOSTER®, providing all necessary amino acids, is a must for QUEEN PRODUCTION: with AMINO-B BOOSTER®, the nurse bees make the highest quality bee milk and royal jelly. During times of poor pollen or late winter, bees can utilize nutrients like protein from their bodies to make royal jelly for brood rearing; however, by doing this, the bees are weakened, and their immune systems degrade because they are not maintaining proper nutrient levels.  This often reduces their longevity and provides an opening for diseases like viruses.
  • AMINO-B BOOSTER® is also a great additive to help reduce pollen stress, especially when bees are producing brood and the available pollen sources are limited in quality, or the pollen is lacking in amino acids causing dying yellow (snot) brood.
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Honey B healthy Original
Honey B healthy Original


  • The original HONEY B HEALTHY® feeding stimulant composed of essential oils.
  • Use as a feeding stimulant seasonally and during dearths of nectar. Add to your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs, and swarms. Use as a drench or spray to help calm honey bees and combine weak colonies.
  • Helps keep hives cleaner and improves overall colony health.
  • Made in the USA and using only certified ingredients, HONEY B HEALTHY® is produced in a modern, state of the art FDA licensed food manufacturing laboratory under strict cGMP guidelines.
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Honey B Healthy Plus
Honey B Healthy Plus


HONEY B HEALTHY® PLUS, from the people who pioneered the Original feeding stimulant, HONEY B HEALTHY®, is a revolutionary product designed to stimulate a colony’s consumption rate of solid and liquid feeds. HONEY B HEALTHY® PLUS is a proprietary Non-GMO emulsion developed to help honey bees increase receptiveness to higher concentrations of essential oils, proteins and vitamins, enabling more beneficial levels of these feed adjuncts to reach the brood quicker when added to most feeding supplements. Use as an additive to sugar-water syrups, drenches and patties to help accelerate the buildup of nucs, packages, swarms and small or weakened colonies during early spring, fall or dearths of nectar. It can also be applied in a spray instead of smoke to help calm bees and combine weak colonies. Spraying on new plastic foundation helps encourage acceptance.

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Pro Health, Pint
Pro Health, Pint

•Pro Health is a feeding stimulant composed of lemongrass and spearmint (essential oils concentrate)
•Pro Health helps promote healthy vigorous hives when used as a feeding stimulant during late winter, early spring and during dearths of nectar
•Pro Health has a natural calming effect when sprayed on the bees
•Pro Health is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial which aids in the overall health of the bees
•Pro Health added to your feeding mix will help build up packages, nucs and swarms
•Pro Health prevents syrup fermentation
•Stimulates bees to draw out new foundation faster when used as a spray.

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Vitamin B Healthy
Vitamin B Healthy


  • Use as a feeding supplement to provide honey bees with essential vitamins and minerals providing nutrients vital for honey bee health to help build strong colonies for maximum honey production and pollination.
  • Can be used alone in syrups, protein patties, and HONEY B HEALTHY® (Original or Plus) and AMINO-B BOOSTER® to help strengthen colonies weakened from disease, pesticides, and pollen stress.
  • Helps to build up weak, over-winterized colonies, packages, nucs, and swarms.
  • Especially beneficial and helpful when honey bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are limited or are lacking essential vital nutrients causing dying yellowing (snot) brood and dwindling colonies.
  • Made in the USA and produced in a modern, state of the art FDA licensed food manufacturing laboratory under strict cGMP guidelines.


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